The Weekend Gallery
The Studio and Gallery
Craighouse Square
KA25 7AF
07963 348934
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Opened first of April 2017 - Currently running our fifth exhibition

This gallery will focus primarily on artists working in the West of Scotland, though we will welcome artwork from further afield. Our aim is to provide a space for individual artists to show a wide range of their work. We will probably have individual exhibitions running for a month. The wall space available is quite considerable.

It is in small square at the centre of Kilbirnie, approximately 25 miles to the west of Glasgow, in an old building, probably originally part of a nineteenth century carding mill. The site is notorious for an incident in 1904, when the owner of an Italian ice cream shop murdered his wife and children with an axe.

As the name suggests, this gallery will only be open at weekends, and closed weekdays.

For people arriving by car, there is a free municipal car park only 50 yards south of the gallery.